Strategic Planning

The focus of any IT system is to provide a secure, efficient, and functional setting for your organisation to process its data.

In a constantly evolving environment where physical and virtual are an everyday reality, the challenge lies in providing the best infrastructure and software to meet your needs.

Strategic Planning is the key to mapping out the path for your organisation's future IT needs. But it can be tough to know where to begin.

To plan for your future, DWM Solutions first looks to the past for any lessons that can be learned from previous plans and experience.

We then frame any planning within the context of your unique goals and objectives to ensure that the new plan will complement your organisation's other work.

Our Strategic Planning Process:

- Engage with key stakeholders to identify the current and future IT systems infrastructure and ensure that it meets the current and projected needs of the organisation.
- Undertake a complete systems review, including a site audit, infrastructure review, budget setting and the development of an implementation plan. 
- Provide advice on advances in technology and how they can best be applied to your environment.
- Engage with users and management to ensure that all applications meet current and future requirements.
- Ensure that any budgetary and corporate policy constraints are adhered to.
- Undertake Disaster Recover Planning, design and implementation.