Network Security

Despite what many a Hollywood Blockbuster would have you believe, most threats to your network will result from a lack of common sense rather than malicious intent or sabotage.

One of the most common examples of a network security breach that we see is when devices are brought in to work by a staff member.

These devices could have a stream of bit torrents on them, and while they're accessing your network, could be putting your IP at risk with the potential to kill your email for the day!

Network Security comes in two forms: Internal Security, which is what happens inside your building walls and your network, and Perimeter Security, which includes firewalling and is concerned with deciding what comes in and out of the network.

DWM will safeguard your network on both levels, protecting against viruses and spam, as well as authorized and unauthorized devices accessing the corporate network (and even the more nefarious threats out there!) while also reporting on sites visited, blocking of certain sites, email tracking and email archiving.