Disaster Recovery Plans

Imagine you arrive at work in the morning to find that the building is just a burned out shell. Your office, your systems, your entire business is gone!

All that data, it's a disaster, right?

No, you have backups!

Unfortunately the back-ups were stored in the same room as your server; in a safe that was water proof, smoke proof, and flame proof but not heat proof, and now you have lost three days of data.

In that situation a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) would be your roadmap for how to recover from the worst case scenario. It may have even prevented it.

Today, organisations of all types are dependent on information technology with almost all work recorded in some way onto a computer system. But people rarely stop to consider what would happen if they did arrive at work and the computer was no longer there, or all the data was gone.

A DRP is all about creating peace of mind for our customers through risk mitigation.

DRPs set out not only what you can do to prevent data loss in a disaster, but also how to recover when the unavoidable does strike.

It also has a big impact on risk auditing and insurance - if you don't have a DRP for your IT systems, you won't be able to insure against data lost in a disaster event.

Disasters can take many forms, from natural disasters to power surges, computer viruses, or sabotage. A savvy organisation will give consideration to all of these situations and how the IT systems currently in place would be affected and the contingencies that could be put in place to minimise interruption to business.  

DWM Solutions are experts in risk mitigation and peace of mind, and can prepare an individualised DRP for your organisation that meets all of our organisational and insurance needs, and can help you sleep easier knowing you have a plan.